Free couch. Structurally great condition. Sturdycomfortable.Back fabric needs stapled at the top as seen in picture. 2 top cushions need zipper repaired as seen in picture. Needs cleaning or just cover. Free, but needs picked up.
Early attempt at furniture making yielded this cabinet. Its stained but could use some care again. Its 30 tall by 20 wide and 16 deep. Cabinet section is 20 tall. Its sturdy but its not like new.
Four medium moving boxes of packing paper 1.5 boxes worth and the rest filled with bubble wrap.Text me and Ill put them at the mailbox.Would help packing a kitchen or shipping presents for the holidays.
Beautiful antique Piano just waiting to ne repurposed .....see Pinterest and search piano repurpose....lot of ideas and pictures....I wanted to but ran out of energy and time.
Free Queen Mattress. Older... 20ish years... still moderate to good condition. Protected with Mattress cover entire life.First come, first serve.
Twin Bed Frame is about 3 inches off the groundfor either low bedor if bed risers are used, the lifts add an addtl 3 inchesI have used set bed risers available for sale $5
Trunk 24 inches around 50 foot tall tree is large need to remove u cut and take away free good wood FREE its in my yard and effecting my sewer pipes If no one wants the wood I WILL CUT IT DOWN GIVE TO NEIGHBOR THANKS
Pulled this out of the woods behind my trailer the other day. Tubes are pretty rusty but seems to still be structurally sound.
I have two trees that i need down, you cut them and take the wood WHAT YOU NEED. No power lines, street to get in your can contact me at or text me at .
Two free chairs in the driveway of our home. First come, first served. They are great chairs, just dont need them anymore. We refurbished them ourselves